Lanterns or Fireworks?


Sky lanterns have been popular in Asian countries for centuries. But in more recent times, they have become commonly seen at events such as New Year’s Eve parties or weddings.  They provide a way of finishing an evening and allowing any guests to send their wishes.

Whilst fireworks are also regularly set off at such events and they are very pretty, here are some interesting facts regarding them:

  • About 1000 people per year in the UK require hospital treatment for firework related injuries
  • Sparklers get approximately 5 times hotter than cooking oil
  • 3 sparklers together create the same amount of heat as a blowtorch
  • Half of the fireworks related injuries are to children under 17 years of age
  • A fireworks rocket can reach speeds of 150mph

Compared to fireworks, sky lanterns are inexpensive, silent, and pretty. They can be incorporated into any celebration.  So if you are looking for an attention grabbing way of adding to some festivities such as a wedding or party, it’s worth considering sky lanterns as an alternative to fireworks.

There are also quite a few reasons to choose lanterns over fireworks:

  • They are constructed from biodegradable sources such as bamboo canes and paper, thus they are environmentally friendly.
  • They are cheaper than fireworks and even cheaper when buying in bulk so that all of the guests get one.
  • They can be decorated and allow your guests to write messages on to them or draw pictures onto them before releasing.  This is great for children.
  • When many are released simultaneously, a lovely display is created as they float in the sky.
  • They are silent and so do not disturb neighbours or pets
  • Themes lanterns are available for events such as Halloween or Christmas.

Many sky lantern manufacturers provide party packages or specific party packages to help to organise or improve an event.  They are very economical and convenient so not a lot of time and money is spent planning a celebration for someone.

An excellent way to celebrate the birthday could be to have guests write memories onto the lanterns and then sharing them with the group before releasing them into the sky.  Or guests can release the lanterns at the same time for a stunning effect.  Imagine how great it would be to have guests writing on each lantern for each of a person’s milestone birthday while the honouree relives the memories of each one as they are shared.

It’s also important to remember to capture the moments particularly when the lanterns are released by taking plenty of photos of the magnificent effect that will be displayed.  The honouree will want to look back on the event for many years to come.


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